Where Does One Find Vintage

May 29, 2015


So the number one question I get is where do I find all my vintage stuff. I'll tell you my secret. Everywhere.
I am constantly on the lookout. I go to estate sales, thrift stores, flea markets (though flea market prices here in Southern California can be the same as retail so I only go to very specific vendors), I do house calls for people who call me with their grannie's attic they need to clear out, I'm known to cause severe honking and swearing as I swerve across traffic at the sight of a yard sale sign. I've been caught dumpster diving. I even scour eBay if I'm hunting for something very specific and I don't think I can find it locally. I'm never not on duty when it comes to finding vintage.
It's the best part of my job actually, and the hardest.


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