Why Vintage?

March 16, 2018

Why Vintage?

What is it about Vintage that inspires me so? Why do I love it, what makes me start to almost salivate when I find that adorable little 1940s dress amongst a bunch of Target rejects in a thrift shop? 

I can of course only speak for myself but for me there is a different feel to Vintage pieces that contemporary just doesn't have. And by feel, I mean exactly that.  I'm what they call clairsentient, which means literally "clear feeling". It means I can  feel things others can't. I pick up on energies and emotions and histories in a way most people don't. So when I pick up a vintage piece there is a whole array of sensations and experiences that go through me. Its like the difference between eating a 5 star gourmet meal, or a bean and cheese burrito from 7-11. I crave it the way most would crave a good meal. Thats not to say its always pleasant. Occasionally, its not.  There is a set of dog tags in my possession that I can't bring myself to do anything with as of yet. Every time I pick them up, I feel sick to my stomach and feverish.  So it sits on a shelf in my studio. Luckily that sort of experience is the exception rather than the rule. Nor is it always so dramatic. Mostly its just a vague sense of a life well lived. 

Thats one of the main reasons I am living a love affair with vintage. But there are other reasons. And what about you? Why should you love vintage? Well for one thing, items made before the advent of mass production in sweatshops and international factories where the quality control is not as great tend to last a whole lot longer than their modern counterparts. I sincerely doubt those socks from Walmart will still be holding up the way those stockings from the 30s are when they are that old. For another; sweatshops...do we really want to support that type of exploitation? For a third reason, and perhaps one of my favorites, buying and using vintage and /or secondhand helps our environment in so many ways. Less production means less waste, less items to go in landfills, less chemicals released into our waters, our air, our land.  And in many cases, buying second hand or vintage will translate to less expensive too. Though of course thats subjective and depends on what you're looking at.

All in all, a vintage life is a pretty darn good life and one I'm proud of. I hope you are too.

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