New Magic!

Greetings Misfits.

Well they do say when one door closes another opens. Many of you will remember, Ella, my dog, who was the official greeter at my brick and mortar store. Or if you've been with me for a very long time, you'll remember her from my Renaissance Faire days, when she would sit with me in my booth. Ella was the Magic in my life and went with me everywhere. I found her as a week old puppy, and felt her last breath and last heartbeat at the grand old age of sixteen on February 6th, 2017. 

Needless to say, as you'll recall from my earlier blog posts, I've been grieving for her this last year and a half. But life is full of surprises and on Fathers Day this year I stumbled upon, quite by accident and completely without intention, this little darling.

It was a tumultuous and emotional few days as we were not sure we were going to be able to get her. But it was meant to be, and the Magic is back in my life. I have named her Luna, and she is the spitting image of my sweet Ella.

Maybe it's reincarnation, if you believe in such things ( I do), maybe its just fate. But even my skeptic husband says there is something very special going on here. My heart is full again, and overwhelmed with gratitude. Enough so that I felt I needed to share that with you, so forgive me if I'm waxing a bit overly poetic!  If you're interested in more of the story, I started an Instagram account for her, just for fun, as a sort of baby journal of her adventures as she grows. That account is .

Mostly I just felt compelled to share my good fortune with my Toadstool Farm family and to let you know how much I'm looking for ward to a life full of grand adventures with my little Luna.

Be well, Misfits!


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