Want vs Need; Impacting your World By Rethinking These Words

Want vs Need; Impacting your World By Rethinking These Words


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Let's talk about the word "need" for a minute. The definition of need has been altered in our culture. We "need" a new cell phone. ..When the one we have actually does everything a new one would do its just not the latest model. Or how about something completely non status oriented--bath towels. We "need" new towels but the ones we have still do their job perfectly well. They just maybe aren't quite as bright white as they used to be.
What we really mean is that we "want".
Several years ago I stopped using the word need in place of want. The benefits I've seen are amazing. I've saved a boatload of money, I've reduced my waste production, and I've learned how to repair things that are still totally serviceable but just require small repairs or some paint.
My store is based in large part on the idea of want vs need. I rescue unwanted or homeless treasures, fix them up if needed, and find new homes for them. I've dumpster dived to rescue bags of discarded clothing and jewelry, I've pulled stuff off the curb, friends bring me bags of old stuff they don't want anymore and I sift through to find what's still useable for my shop. What's left goes to a charity. Some of my favorite items have come to me in one of these ways. In fact almost my entire wardrobe including all the fancy designer stuff I wear come from thrift stores. And my home is filled with stuff I've rescued, painted, rewired, sewn up etc...
We live in a disposable culture but I'm doing my best to help change that. And I'm pleased to say that my customers are too.

Want vs need, how can you apply it to your own life?


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