New Blogs?

December 23, 2018

New Blogs?

Toadstool Farm Vintaae, Shop Updates and New Blogs


Well, yep, sorta. It seems that the end of each year into the beginning of the next year is my time for refreshing my business life. I always get inspired to redo my websites, upgrade my logos and graphics, focus on new ideas and plans...its very exciting and frankly a little daunting.  But never one to back away from a challenge, I am facing these new ideas with gusto!  

One of my goals for 2019 is to get my business shifted more away from other online selling platforms, ie.. Etsy and Ebay and centered more around my own website. With this in mind I'm starting by updating my Blog here, with the addition of two new "blogs" and my blog posts being divided amongst the three. This is going to make it a lot easier for you, my faithful readers, to find the articles you're most interested in.

My articles regarding care and feeding of Vintage will now be in a blog called "A Map To Vintage".

My articles regarding my Farm and behind the scenes, for example, stories about my horses, or my dogs or other Home life stuff will be going into the original Blog called "A Vintage Life".

Anything specific to the shop, such as sale announcements, changes to the website ( like this one), etc... are going into a Blog called, appropriately, "Shop Updates".  

One of the things I've struggled with when keeping this Blog is finding things to Blog about on a regular basis that didn't seem out of place for this shop. Having three very distinct Blogs will allow me the freedom to write about more topics as they pop into my head and I'm hoping will inspire me to write more often. I really do hope so because according to the analytics of this site, when I blog you all seem to like it a lot! HA!  :)  I do too actually, I've always loved too write and have in fact been published in numerous magazines and even have a published novel on Amazon.

All this said, here's to a new year coming up and a lot more Bloggy joy!

Happy Holidays my darling Misfits!


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