The Misfits Club Vintage

June 13, 2018

The Misfits Club, Our VIP Club, Toadstool Farm Vintage


The Misfits Club, Our VIP Membership, Toadstool Farm Vintage

Hi Misfits!

Some of you already know about all this but those who don't, a few months ago, after a very intense of year of mourning and recovering ( see my blog post, "A Year To Reflect" ) ,  I started a quest to really reconnect with my business. With most of my items being one of a kind, I find a daily Instagram account showing my offerings to be generally easier than sending emails out as often as I'd like. So, one of my main objectives was to refresh and renew my Instagrams. I started by spending time every day researching and educating myself on how best to utilize this pretty amazing method of spreading the social and vintage love. I'm still learning every day. But it became pretty apparent to me tat my old Toadstool farm Vintage IG has become a bit of a dinosaur, and the engagement there is fairly low.  So I started thinking of how I might overcome that and what kept coming to me was just starting over from scratch.  But at the same time, why would I wnat to just throw away almost 6500 followers and all those years of posts? I didn't.  Instead I decided to start a new IG using all my newfound knowledge and see what happened. Its pretty shocking actually.

If you care about the numbers keep reading, otherwise, skip this paragraph, lol.  My new IG as of today has just about 270 followers.  My old one has just under 6500.  Most days my posts at both garner the same amount of likes and comments, meaning my engagement at the new one is averaging at 10-20%.  The old one comes in about 1-2% if I'm lucky.   

OK, so clearly I need to keep up this new account but how to make it different so I'm not just being redundant.

And that's where YOU come in!

What became very clear was that those following my new account are my most loyal fans and followers. The ones who believe in what I do and love what I have to bring to the table. In other words, its YOU.  So, it slowly dawned on me that what I needed to do to set this new account apart from the old one was make it connected to this very email club. I renamed the new list from the Toadstool Farm Vintage Annex to The Misfits Club Vintage and restructured my up an coming posts to feature all the brand new products and OOAK vintage things I had coming up. Now I have a way to keep you all updated on a daily basis as to whats new and give you a way to have first dibs on anything and everything.   I've found it easier to connect with a smaller, more loyal, base ( with MUCH less spam) and have already gotten to know a few of you more; one of the things I miss most about my old brick and mortar.  Over the weeks Ive felt my focus shifting more and more to this newer account. My stories tend to go there, I'm posting more behind the scenes stuff there to help you all get to me while I'm getting to know you., and I'm spending a lot of time curtain what  think is the best of my best to bring to you on my feed.   I'm really hoping you'll join me there.

So, now thats done, you're maybe wondering what's going to happen with the old account. I'm not getting rid of it. Its shifting into an IG catalog of what I have in my shop. Its still great stuff, but not my newest stuff. I'm also using it to gradually and gently encourage followers there to follow my newer account.  Perhaps one day I'll Archive it, but not yet, I'm not ready for that just yet. 

So, thats it, Misfits.  I really hope that if you are already on IG that you'll come find me if you haven't yet. And if you're not, perhaps this is a good time to get started there

Until next time, all my love and Have a Happy Vintage Life!




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