Feather & Ferns

Feather and Fern, makers of handcrafted goods

A little bit of Natural this, a little bit of Warm that. All hand crafted and lovingly made.

Meet Feather & Fern. A mother and daughter team with a love for warm woolen comfort and earthy whimsy.
Our recipe for success? Start with a two girls, one named Jacq and another named Antonia, mother and daughter. Handcrafters and entrepreneurs at heart, and fellow adventurers in real life. Both in love with fiber arts. Take these two cozy personalities and a whole passel of creativity, fold their imaginations together, stir in a night's worth of pizza and movies, lightly dust with a sprinkle of magic, and bake for one good night's sleep. The result? Feather And Fern, Natural Warmth for the Natural World.