Lessons and Leasing

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Jacqueline trains/instructs all levels of experience and has a special knack for beginners and those with confidence issues. She teaches classical dressage based English riding ( and maybe a few tricks and High School movements just for fun). She uses Tuck and Willow to instruct those without horses of their own or who cannot use their horse for whatever reason. She also has some horses available for full or half lease for those who want the joy of caring for a horse without the expense of a purchase. ( no, not Krist, Pagan, or Finnvarra, thank you. **grin** ).

When you train with Jacqueline, you begin your 'lesson' from the moment you walk into the barn. It does not start from the second you put your foot in the stirrup and end the second you take it out. The official lesson is about 30-60 minutes of riding time, but in reality it's much more than that. You'll get the benefit of Jacqueline's years of horse knowledge in every aspect of horsemanship. From tack, to breeding, to stallion handling ( if appropriate to the client), to 'mane care' ( a specialty of course!), to lunging, to riding, to teaching tricks and movements, and everything else in between. If it's happening at Toadstool Farm that day, you'll be involved. 

Jacqueline believes that being a well rounded horse person does not begin and end with how well you ride, but its in how well you care for your animal. Its in the relationship you develop and how well you can communicate with your horse. Its in how prepared you are if your horse colics, or founders or develops arthritis. It's in how well you can judge when your horse needs it's teeth floated, or is just having a bad day. Its horse husbandry, not just horse riding. And she passes all of that down to her clients.

Toadstool Farm is not a show barn and Jacqueline is not a show trainer. If you want to compete, we are happy to recommend some trainers in the area. If you want to learn about horses, learn how to care for them, and how to create a lasting relationship with them, how to ride properly in sync with your horse both in the ring and out on the trail, and with a trainer who is kind and compassionate and in a supportive barn atmosphere that is drama free and fun, with a group of people and horses who are like a big horse family, then Toadstool Farm might be the place for you.

We'd love to talk to you to answer any questions you might have. Please contact us for more information. jacq@toadstoolfarm.com