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Meet our "cupcake". Finnvarra. Foundation stallion for the GCDHA. Finnvarra is our 2001 , Gypsy Cob stallion and is named for the King of the Irish fairies. This particular king has a special affinity for horses. What better name for a leader of them!

Finnvarra, like the travelers whose heritage he comes from, made his way in January, 2003 from a mountain in Ireland to Southern California to begin his life with Toadstool Farm as our premiere Gypsy stallion. Jacqueline wants to personally thank Deirdre and Brian Cash for arranging for Finnvarra's adoption by Jacqueline--the very last sale ever made by their father, the beloved Pat Cash. Finnvarra possesses a charming disposition, perfect conformation, full thick feathers, and tons of hair, plus super movement. All perfect for the High School and liberty movements he is learning.

Finnvarra's striking white forelock against the black ears, and his unusual, dramatic markings, almost 50/50 black and white are highly desired in the Gypsy Cob world. His movement is remarkable for a Cob, very floaty, very extended, as you can see, and very sporty and athletic. A very rare combination in a Gypsy. His personality and charm win over everyone he meets within moments. Kind but stubbonr, gentle, easy going but macho, curious and very friendly, he wins hearts every day!

One thing worth noting about Finn is that when we went looking for our Gypsy Cob stallion, Finn had till then been living wild on a mountain side, barely ever touched by human hands, his entire life. He was brought in from the mountain to be cleaned up so we could see him, and within three weeks of first being brought off the mountain he was on his way to us here in California. Now, this is not an unusual story in itself for an imported horse, but what makes it remarkable is that, the day Finn came home from quarantine, he was trailered, clipped, bathed, and had his feet trimmed... All of these things he did without batting an eye, or so much as twitching a muscle with nerves. Within a week, he had been saddled, bridled and ridden once around a 50 foot pen. Never was there even a moment of doubt in either Finn or Jacqueline that it would be a problem. Now, of course, being that he was still very young, he was never so much as sat upon again till he was three. But we simply had to see how he would take it since he took so easily to everything else, and he was a superstar!

Finnvarra was registered at birth with the Irish Cob Society in Ireland and is also registered as a foundation sire with the Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Association, our registry of choice here in the U.S.. Finn stands at just over 15.1 hands. Finn has a wonderful sense of humor, always on the lookout for what he can do to make someone laugh. His face is one of the most expressive we have ever seen on any horse! He's also quite possessive of Jacqueline, and gets very jealous when she pays attention to the other stallions in our barn. He's known for banging his stall door to get her attention!