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Tuck..the little horse that could.

Tuck is a Fell Pony. Born in May of 2002, he came to us in February of 2003 at the tender age of 10 months from the Fells of England. He was licensed by the FPS in 2006 and is approved for breeding. Fells are a rare breed, with just less than 100 horses existing in the United States at the time of this writing. The majority of Fells are black, about 90% actually. But our Tuck is one of a few percentage of Fells who are born grey. He will be snow white at some point in his teens though to date he still has a lot of flecks of grey! To our knowledge there are only two other grey stallions in the U.S. as of July, 2006 ( if you know of more, let us know!).

Tuck is sired by Goytvalley Magic Minstrel, and out of a mare named Orton Hall Dolly. HIs registered name is Llancloudy Abraham. Tuck is quite a precocious young man! He is charming and cute, energetic and playful, affectionate and smart, slightly stubborn ( ponies!) and unbelievably curious! If you are in a paddock with him doing something, he can't stand not knowing what it is you're messing with. He just HAS to investigate! Initially purtchased by Jacqueline on a whim ( what's she gonna do with a pony since she's almost 6' tall?) Tuck has grown up to become one of our most important horses and is absolutely worth his weight in platinum. He is our lesson horse, teaching everything from the very greenest of beginners to more advanced riders. We call him the sleep number pony, because he adjusts himself to suit the experience level of his rider, being quiet and slow with beginners or nervous riders, more energetic and challenging for more advanced riders.

He has been with Jacqueline at Renaissance Faires performing with the Equine Guild, so you may have seen him there already! He is without a doubt is the most levelheaded little horse we've ever worked with and has three utterly wonderful gaits with the best canter of any of our horses.  But he is forward and willing and fun as well! Sure-footed, smart, and lovely to hack out on since he is all of the above. Put together just beautifully with loads of heavy bone, a strong, short, level back and lovely head and neckset. Top it all off with a strong desire to work and learn, that willing and kind nature and forward, beautiful movement, he is just all around a wonderful critter!