Blue Floral Boho Maxidress

Toadstool Farm Vintage

Gorgeous gorgeous vintage style contemporary maxi dress in a boho blue formal print with touches of dark pink and ivory. Black trim and tie belt. Sleeves are slit from the wrist up to the shoulder and are about 3/4 length. Bodice is semi sheer, skirt is lined to about mid thigh.   There is no label so I've no clue who the designer or brand is, but it strikes me as very Anthropologie-esque. Maybe Free People style.  I'd say this is about a medium to large size.

Bust is hard to measure because its essentially a dolman sleeve right from the waist tie, so very flexible there. Waist is elastic but is 25" at rest to 40" fully stretched and of course you can use the tie to make it smaller if need be. Hip is free. Length from shoulder down is 57.5" . Thats me modeling it in the last photo, and I'm 5'11" and about a size 8. Feels like a sheer soft poly or maybe nylon.