Vintage 1940s Faultless Starch Box Faultless, Unopened New

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Charming old box circa 1940s or so.  Blued And Perfumed  Starch  by Faultless Starch Co, still unopened and full. The box is teal blue with a red and yellow lettering.  Gives all the correct directions for cleaning with it, so cute.   Stands 5.5" tall and is about 4" wide.  What a fantastic display piece in a vintage home!
Great vintage condition.  The color is somewhat faded, the edges show wear and there is one tear to the box in front which has been taped. This tape has come away a bit due to some of the powder seeping onto it so I will need to re-tape it in order to ship without losing the contents. To me, all  this only adds to its charm. 
Please note that many of my items are vintage and pre-used and loved. I do my best to list any major issues but some signs of life and love are to be expected and only add to their charm.