Vintage 1940s Roman Style Tunic in Red

Toadstool Farm Vintage

Roman style tunic in a rusty brick red. Is essentially two rectangles of fabric sewn together with openings for arms, neck and trunk. My best guess as to age of this is 40s or  50s based  on construction and other pieces from the same collection. Looks and feels like a nubby woven cotton or perhaps a blend.  Has a Warner Brothers costume department sticker inside. This comes from an enormous collection of Old Hollywood Movie Costumes I was lucky enough to stumble across. More about those later after the measurements so please read on...
Excellent vintage condition. Shows very few signs of age and its use actually.. The only real thing to note is a dime sized hole in a bottom corner. 
Please note that all items in this Costume section may have minor other flaws ( or example; missing snaps, small areas of loose seams, pinholes, etc..)  that I have not listed as its just not possible to find and or list every minor thing as these have lived quite a life! Priced accordingly, As Is and Final Sale.
Measurements taken lying flat.
Its super flexible here, because of the square wide rectangular of it, but I'm going to say in the large to extra large, man's size. Or even larger. The neck opening is 13.5 straight across ( so 27" total). The width of the fabric is a total of 46.5" so can fit up to 93"
Shoulder to bottom hem: 35.5"
PLEASE READ: I acquired an absolutely enormous collection of Hollywood movie costumes. Ranging across the board from Paramount, Universal, Unified Costumers and more. The last known film much of the items were used in was Lawrence of Arabia but we have no way of knowing which ones and there are others from other films. Most likely they were used on extras or smaller roles, I have not come across anything I can pinpoint to a major name from that film.  Many of these were made much earlier, and I have found dates written on tags within from as early as the 1940s, though I believe some are even earlier.  I have given as much information as I can about each item in the listing. Much has been lost to time however.  That said, these are an extraordinary piece of movie history and I'm honored to be a part of it all.