Vintage Antique Victorian Pillow Case In White Cotton With Pink And White Embroidery

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Sweet cotton pillowcases with pink and white embroidery in two corners on the front. For a large square sham or pillow.  Probably early 1900s or older, probably European made. Three fabric covered buttons to close it.  Measures approx. 28" square.
Excellent vintage condition. There is a dime sized tan spot on the back, and a very faint yellow stain that takes up most of one corner on the front, but opposite the embroidery so yay for that. Its quite light, and didn't photograph well, but you can kind of see it in the last photo.  Also, it appears that one end of the opening in back where you insert the actual pillow has opened up a few inches wider than it should be. Its not a tear or rip or anything like that, just looks like some stitching came open. I'm not much of a seamstress or I'd sew it back up again, but perhaps you are better at that than I. Either way, it would still be perfectly fine as is. It just doesn't completely match the other end.
Please note that many of my items are vintage and/or made using vintage materials. I do my best to list any major issues but some signs of life and love are to be expected and only add to their charm.

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