Vintage Chinese Orange and Gold Damask Tablecloth

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Absolutely stunning tablecloth in orange and gold damask. Has a lovely pattern that consists of so many beautiful objects, there are flowers and peacocks and people, trees and symbols. I *think* this is Chinese but as I'm not terribly well versed on the difference in the oriental patterns etc.,.. please forgive me if it's not ( and feel free to let me know if you do)  When I first saw this I thought it was fabric but as I handled it I realized it's a tablecloth, or perhaps a hanging of some sort because both ends are the same and there are what appear to be remnants of fringe Looks and feels like quality rayon. I'd guess this is 1960s or earlier, but have no way to know for sure of its exact age.  Measures approx. 45.5" x 69".  Excellent vintage condition. I can't find anything to note other than the cut ends where the fringe was. .  Has been gently laundered and ironed by yours truly.
Please note that many of my items are vintage and/or made using vintage materials. I do my best to list any major issues but some signs of life and love are to be expected and only add to their charm.