Vintage Sterling Silver Flatware lot

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Miscellaneous pieces of ( mostly ) sterling silver flatware. There is one little fork, four teaspoons and one cheese knife. All but two are marked Sterling on the bottom. See further down for full marks. I like the look of silver when it tarnishes so I've left it but these would polish up beautifully, I'm sure. Listing is for all six pieces pictured. I'd think most of these are earlier 1900s, probably no later than midcentury.
Excellent vintage condition. There are some areas of wear and as mentioned it's not polished. Still very useable. The one teaspoon was bent , most likely to be used to feed a baby as that was fairly common then.
There is a good teaspoon with a little teapot at the end, that one is marked WAPW ( Wales Assoc. of Pewter Works), Made in UK, Plated ( which I'm assuming is gold).
The cheese knife is marked 1847 Rogers Bros, and is engraved with Lillie at one end. I am assuming it is silver plated only.
The small fork is marked Sterling Pat 1907 with some makers symbols I did not bother researching, and is engraved with Mary Jo on the front.
The bent spoon is marled Century Sterling.
The smallest spoon is marked Sterling and also with makers mark symbols.
The largest spoon is marked Pat. Sterling and is engraved with an initial on the front that I can't quite make out. It may be an S.

Please note that many of my items are vintage and/or made using vintage materials. I do my best to list any major issues but some signs of life and love are to be expected and only add to their charm.