We've Moved!

Toadstool Farm has moved go Washington State! The shop IS OPEN and orders can be shipped.

Welcome to The Magical World of a Misfit

Who exactly is a Toadstool Farm Misfit? Anyone who isn't afraid to let their personal style show. She's the woman who loves to pair antique white cotton skirts with scuffed up biker boots. The one who'll  deliberately go wildflower picking while wearing a 1950s wildflower print dress just to say she did. She loves the feel and energy of old things, and believes they tell a story. She also appreciates how those things were made to last because being kind to Mother Earth is important to her ( she wants those wildflowers to still be there for the picking when her great great grandchildren are her age and -hopefully- still wearing her vintage dresses ). She will often say that elegance comes from being just as comfortable in a black cocktail dress and heels or dirty jeans and boots and knowing the right time and place for either.

Take a wander through Toadstool Farm's collection of Vintage for both you and your home. Get to know the Misfit a little better. Maybe you'll find that she's you.  Specializing in clothing and home goods from Victorian through the 1970s inspired by the seasons.

Where, When and How

We buy vintage. Please email for more information.

Toadstool Farm Vintage is located in Burbank, CA. and open 7 days a week by appointment or online.

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