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After the loss of her adored Frans, Jacqueline brooded for a very long time. She came very close to letting the dream of Toadstool Farm go completely. Three of her best breeding stock ( of a far too small herd) and most loved horses all lost far too soon and far too tragically. It seemed a blow pretty overwhelming. And then, through a series of events, and a three months series of emails back and forth to Europe, a stallion came into her who seemed fated somehow to land in her life.

Two years earlier...a young Dutch approved stallion by the name of Krist 358 was disqualified in circumstances best described as perplexing. The handsome young horse was sold to a family in Germany who switched his registry to that of their country, the FPZV, where he was welcomed as a breeding stallion. It just so happens that Jacqueline knew this family and fell head over heels in love with Krist. To purchase him was, alas, impossible at that time. Jacqueline contented herself with admiring him from afar as the family who loved him allowed him some much needed time off from breeding. The world went on, other stallions came into prominence and Krist settled into his quiet new life.

Fast forward to late 2004-early 2005....Jacqueline and Krist's family start talking about Krist while discussing another unrelated subject. And they keep discussing him. The family would like to see Krist used and appreciated for what he is; a remarkable stallion, full of presence, life, love and beauty. They'd like him seen and bred and appreciated by the world at large. With a large Farm, and busy company they are unable to provide him with that opportunity in a way they would like. Jacqueline has, of course, recently lost an approved stallion and there is a space in her heart for another soul to love. It seems a match destined in heaven..or as Jacqueline likes to think of it..arranged by Frans in heaven. Soon enough, Krist is on his way to the United States to start his new life with Jacqueline and Toadstool Farm.

Krist arrived March 26th, 2005. Jacqueline is in love. Krist is unbelievably sweet, he loves nothing more than to have his ears rubbed, or his withers scratched and has an adorable habit of pushing his nose into your open palms if you hold your hands out to him. His movement makes you catch your breath ...perfect strangers cant keep their hands off of him when they walk past his stall. A crowd gathers when he he is turned out, or ridden...he is breathtaking, awe inspiring and a dream made flesh. Krist is quite simply....The Krist.