The Black Velvet Emporium

The Black Velvet Emporium Vintage Shop
My name is Jacqueline, I am the creator, founder and Head Misfit of Toadstool Farm and The Black Velvet Emporium. My favorite color is black, my favorite texture is velvet. I am drawn to the night and find great beauty in the darker things in life, so it was only natural that as my other online shops grew, I created this very special one for very special people. I have always been drawn to shadows, and I have always been a creative person and a lover of history and old things. The Black Velvet Emporium, which speaks to my soul, is a spin off, if you will, of the original shop, Toadstool Farm Vintage. The Black Velvet Emporium gives me the opportunity to indulge in the shadowy and  darker creative side of my nature, while still immersing myself in my passion for all things old. I have carefully brought together the old and the new here in the Emporium. You'll find dresses from the Victorian era of the late 1800s and poison bottles from the Edwardian age, interspersed with lacy black gloves and spider hair pins made today. All intended to show the beauty and romance of a more elegant age. I welcome you to browse the Emporium, feel free to ask me any questions you may have, and immerse yourself in the beauty of the shadows. 
Ever Yours,