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There's something about vintage goods that just feels different; an energy, a soul, perhaps that the years of life and love have given to them. It's a story that, if you are still and quiet, you can hear in your heart. It's what I love most about vintage and antique things, that whispered story. It's my pleasure and joy to share that story with others worldwide. Offering vintage (and the occasional vintage inspired) clothing, jewelry, accessories and vanity items, Toadstool Farm Vintage is the lighter side of our Vintage world. Our studio walls are filled with bright and beautiful goods from a simpler and prettier time. Browse our winsome 1950s dresses, find the perfect little chapeau to protect your tresses, pick a dainty pair of gloves that are just oh-so-perfect for that courtly flirtation you've got going on with the boy next door. Explore my Magical Misfit World, enjoy, and don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.