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Willow is our 1998 purebred Friesian mare by Bendert and out of a Reitse mare, our late mare Nikkie. She is the full sister to Jacqueline's adored Pagan, and also the late Wolfe, Jacqueline baby. Willow, being the only horse we have left capable of breeding from those bloodlines, is our future. And as such, she is one special mare.

Willow has the personality we all crave in a Friesian. She is super affectionate, loving nothing more than to give hugs and to follow you around a pasture. We call her The Pocket Friesian. She is smart, learns quickly, is willing to go to work, and very forward. She has the energy and presence of her Father, Bendert, and the common sense of her mother, Nikkie.

Without a doubt, Willow's strongest personality trait is her heart. She will do anything to please you, will go as far, as fast, and as well as she possibly can for you (which might not be very fast, but still...). Everyone falls in love with Willow. You just can't help it. She has a habit of drawing you in, and once in, she wraps that pretty head round your shoulders and pulls you in for a hug and that's it, it's all over..true love. At a stout 15.2 hands, she is too short to receive a ster status but she was awarded a 3rd premie at her keuring, and was awarded the honorary title of "prettiest head at the keuring" by the Dutch judges. Her foals carry on this tradition of heart, looks, brains and temperament. A born mother, there were days as she was growing up when we saw her watching us, as if to say, "So? What's the holdup? When are we having babies?" And of course, she is never adverse to the occasional spa treatment... like a mud bath! 

She spends her days now, since Jacqueline ceased breeding and retired Willow from broodmare status, going on trail rides or learning some basic dressage in the arenas with our leasers and the occasional lesson. And one can tell she just loves it. She looks so proud to be a "working horse" instead of a stay at home mom, it makes us laugh and hug her all the tighter. Which of course just makes her that much happier. Its a vicious circle but what are ya gonna do?