Hand Sewn Lavender Filled Dream or Comfort Pillow in Black

Feather And Fern

Handcrafted Comfort or sleep pillow filled with highly aromatic lavender. Outer bag is a knit in black. It is embellished with vintage white lace and a wee gray velvet flower. Within is a handstitched natural muslin bag filled with a mix of lavender and rice. It can be heated gently in a microwave ( at 30 second intervals, not to exceed 2 minutes)  to use it as a small dream or comfort pillow.  Its also perfect in a closet to freshen clothing and repel moths.  Total measurements are approx. 8" wide and 7" long.
Vegan friendly acrylic yarn. No two are ever exactly alike.  All our items are either handknit or hand stitched, we don't even ow a sewing machine.
Do not immerse in water, the rice will soak it up and clump together. Surface clean with a lightly damp rag.
All our items are made one at a time and are generally one of a kind. Due to the nature of our hand made items ( many of which are crafted with vintage and/or antique materials) some slight variations in weave and color should be expected and should be considered part of their unique charm.
We do love our dogs and while every effort is made to keep them away from our goods, an occasional stray hair may float by.  Please don't hesitate to inquire if you have sensitivities.