Midnight Garden Spiced Orange Blossom Scented Soy Wax Candle

Feather And Fern

Misty moonlit nights, clock strikes twelve and you take a stroll through a silvery shadowy garden. Is that a ghost?  The smell of orange blossoms and old  trees and haunted memories floats through the air.... Natural soy wax in a black glass container, embellished with black spider web lace tied on with vintage winter white lace. This is a proto-type candle and as such is currently one of a kind . It will come with a handprinted kraft paper label and the laces are meant to be removed prior to burning.
Depending on how much you all enjoy these we will decide if we want to add them as a regular feature! Priced lower than it will be if we add them as a part of our regular range. 
Stands just about 3" tall and is just over 2.25" in diameter at the rim, and is just 3" in diameter. Weighs in at just over a pound! Enjoy your beautiful candle and then enjoy the container for years to come! Soy is easily cleaned from your container, burns slowly and with little to no smoke, making them healthier for you and better for the environment.
Please note that many of our items are vintage and/or made using vintage materials. We do my best to list any major issues but some signs of life and love are to be expected and only add to their charm.
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