Create Some Cute Holiday Ornaments For Nearly Nothing

Create Some Cute Holiday Ornaments For Nearly Nothing

Two blog posts in one month! I know, but I have been in a crazy creative mood and wanted to share another of my favorite seasonal ideas. Its so easy and so inexpensive just like our Autumn Leaf idea.

Around here, Christmas tree stands will cut the bottom off your tree when you purchase it. Its called a Fresh Cut. These little trimmings, usually about half an inch to an inch wide make the base for our cute ornaments. They will let me take as many as I want for free. (Side tip: don't forget to ask if you can take trimmed off branches and boughs for free greenery to decorate with too!!)

Fresh Cut Wood PIeces for Ornaments

Take as many of these as you want ornaments of, get them home and scrub them with soap and a scrub brush to get any cobwebs, dirt and other unappealing bits off. 

Craft Eye Screws in wood for ornaments

Once they're dry comes the fun part.  You'll need some little craft size eye screws ( see photo for reference and size). Screw one of these into the top of a wood cut.  That's what you'll use to hang your ornament. Tip: If you're having trouble getting the screw to screw in, hammer just the end in with a hammer to make a little hole then screw it in from there. 

Pretty velvet ribbon in bows

After that's in, just tie a bow into some pretty ribbon and hot glue it onto the top or the front of your wood cut.

Hot Glue some ribbow bows onto wood pieces for Christmas Ornaments

I used twine to make a loop then strung that loop through the eye screw and that's it! 

Twine for hanging ornaments

You're done! You've got a darling little ornament for a natural woodsy tree or anywhere else you may want to hang it!

a cute wooden christmas ornament

You can also add more to the wood cut if you like. You could hot glue some faux flowers or old buttons or glitter or just about anything you can think of that appeals to you. Me, I tend to like them simple so I can appreciate more of the natural wood. 

Wooden handmade christmas tree ornaments

So there you have it; probably the worlds easiest cozy Christmas ornament idea ever!  Let me know what you think in the comments and be sure to drop a comment if you decide to try it!

Till next time Misfits, have the happiest Holiday season ever!





Wooden Home Made Christmas Tree Ornaments Hanging

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Love these! So simple but really eye-catching. Thank you for showing how to make them.
Toadstool Farm Vintage replied:
I’m so glad you like them!! Have a wonderful holiday.  -——- Original message -——-


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